You can contact the club via the following means. Please remember that all visitors to the airfield are kindly requested to obtain PPR and to fly-in only when a club member is present. The airfield gates are locked 24/7 and therefore vehicular access to the airfield is only possible if a club member unlocks and opens the gate for you.

Email: (please use this to request PPR)


  • 07776 380106

3 Responses to Contact

  1. Jeff surridge says:

    Hi I am insrested in leaning to fly weight shift micro light . Do you have lessons at you airfield. Regards Jeff surridge .

  2. Adam R says:

    Good morning,

    I hope you don’t mind the message. I have recently moved to Wattisham (but living in Colchester) with the Army Air Corps. I have a PPL(A), +100hrs P1 SEP, taildragger experience and an aerobatic rating.

    Do you have any SEP shares available at your airstrip?


    Kind regards,


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