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You are welcome to visit the club by road and air. In all cases, please ensure you obtain permission and ensure a club member is present at the time of your visit. The airfield gates are always locked and therefore you will not be able to enter the airfield unless a club member unlocks and opens the gate for you. Vehicular access is otherwise not possible. Note that CCTV recording is used extensively and active monitoring systems utilised. Visiting by air is strictly subject to PPR. The club takes its responsibility to the community extremely seriously; as such, noise abatement is a top priority. You can view and download the airfield plate as a PDF here.

Fyfield Flying Club is located at the end of Cannons Lane, Fyfield, Essex. The closest postcode is CM5 0SF. If you arrive by road, please exercise extreme caution as the approach road is located at the end of the runway: it is therefore imperative that, as you approach the runway, you check for aircraft either on final approach or taking off, before proceeding. Please ensure you observe the warning signs.

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